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    IC Markets Broker Review by Broker-Ideas.com

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    In this IC Markets review , we give a detailed overview of the broker and the conditions, advantages, and disadvantages for traders. It is wise to invest money with this company or not?

    Official website of IC Markets
    IC Markets gives you 24hr support, low spreads, and a tight fixed spread!

    (Disclaimer: Risk your own capital)

    What is IC Markets?

    The company presented a new suite of encrypted trading technology, the first in its segment.

    IC Markets is an Aussie-based broker providing true and direct market access and trading technology with fees that are favourable. The address of the brokerage firm is International Capital Markets Pty Ltd, Level 6 309 Kent Street, Sydney NSW 2000 AUSTRALIA. Established in 2007, the broker has a track record of success to date.

    As a customer at IC Markets, your funds are separate from trader balances and held with the National Bank of Australia. Your interests are also safe, as IC markets uses the largest liquidity providers involved. Your trades will always be executed fast and without requotes. The highest level of liquidity is offered by IC Markets.

    The company is expanding in other countries and gaining huge popularity. It has headquarters in Australia, Seychelles, and Cyprus. Most traders trade under the Seychelles entity because there is high leverage up to 1:500 allowed for every customer.

    More information about the company:

    • The company is now one of the leading online foreign exchange brokers in Australia
    • Forex broker Australian Forex Broker was founded in 2007
    • direct market access broker and provides FX traders with the ability to trade directly on global financial markets through its Meta Trader 4/5 or C-Trader platform (Goldman Sachs, HSBC, etc.)
    • One of the first direct market brokers to offer online trading
    • Tight spread and low commission
    • Specializing in foreign exchange trading and Gold
    • No requotes and no delays in order execution

    (Disclaimer: Risk your own capital)

    How safe is IC Markets? – Regulations and safety for Traders.

    IC Markets is regulated by the ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission), the FSA (Seychelles Financial Services Authority), and CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission).

    Regulations and licensing requirements provide a safeguard for traders by establishing a trustworthy trading relationship between the broker and customer. To obtain such a license, IC Markets must comply with certain rules and requirements. Violating these requirements would mean an immediate loss of the license. Therefore fraud on the customer can be excluded here.

    IC Markets is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, the Financial Services Authority, and Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. It is authorized and regulated by the government of Cyprus and is an independent institution of the state government agency. Customer money transactions are conducted by National Australia Bank (NAB) and Westpac Banking Corporation (Westpac), both top international banks with high liquidity. In addition, IC Markets uses external auditors who control the broker.

    IC Markets is regulated by the ASIC and more regulators
    IC Markets is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and other financial regulators.

    The broker made an impressive and professional impression on us, so we can assume with confidence that the company is legitimate.

    • The Financial Services Authority (FSA) in the Seychelles
    • The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)
    • Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) regulate brokers.
    • Banks have separate accounts for clients’ funds, an audit by the broker’s external auditor is performed annually.

    Here are some partners of the broker.

    ic markets liquidity providers

    (Disclaimer: Risk your own capital)

    The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) regulations affect all investors in the European Union and may impact how you trade on IC Markets.

    In 2018, European leverage on derivative financial products such as Forex and CFDs was extremely limited. Customers of brokers based in the European Union are limited to a maximum leverage ratio of 1:30. This limit is meant to protect private investors, but it ultimately destroys various strategies and opportunities for traders. It is not possible to prevent traders from losing money on the stock market because you always take a risk. Even with small leverage, European traders will lose money.

    However, IC Markets is located outside the European Economic Area and is not affected by this regulation. Traders can continue to hold leverage of 1:500 on this broker whose license is held in the Seychelles.

    Customers of direct market access brokers benefit from real-time trade execution, including order routing to multiple exchanges, as well as from access to multiple global markets.

    IC Markets is one of a few direct market access brokers. It also gives private traders access, via raw spread access, to institutional trading. IC Markets only earns money at the commission per order execution or spread (STP) and has no conflict of interest. The website also directly recognizes the broker’s liquidity providers, including major international banks that provide direct access to the interbank market.

    The monthly volume report is also available on the homepage, where more than $1 trillion was transacted in a single month in 2021.

    IC Markets is a real ECN broker, which means that it offers traders the ability to trade at any time and in any direction, without being subject to restrictions on the number of orders they can place or on the price at which they can buy or sell. This makes IC Markets one of the most competitive brokers in the industry, because it allows traders to make use of their natural instincts and judgement, rather than having to follow specific rules that may not be optimal for their goals.

    (Disclaimer: Risk your own capital)

    IC Markets offering a wide choice of trading instruments and conditions for traders.

    IC Markets offers to trade in forex (currencies), CFDs (bonds, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies), and futures. There are more than 2,000 different assets available. The conditions are very good from my experience and test. In comparison, you can rarely find cheaper and safer brokers.

    With IC Markets it’s easy to start trading! When you start trading at IC Markets, you get a free demo account where you can test your strategies risk-free with virtual money. There is no better way to learn how to trade than on a free demo account!

    IC Markets offers a variety of trading platforms for beginners and advanced traders alike. You can choose between web based trading platform (MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5) or mobile app (MetaTrader 4). MetaTrader 4 is one of the most popular platforms in forex trading due to its usability and flexibility.

    The minimum deposit amount at IC Markets is $10 or 0.01 lot of base currency “EURUSD”. The maximum withdrawal amount is $100 000 per month for all accounts combined

    There are a lot of things to love about IC Markets. It’s a broker that offers low fees, high liquidity, and great trading software.

    The spreads start at 0.0 pips, and the commission is $ 3 per trade for $ 100,000 in cTrader. In the Metatrader, the commission has been increased by 50 cents to $ 3.50. A change to this broker is worthwhile even because of the low fees for trading.

    There are three account types to choose from when signing up for IC Markets. These include:

    ASSET: Standard account Raw Spread account (MetaTrader) Raw Spread account (cTrader)
    FOREX: From 1.0 pips variable From 0.0 pips From 0.0 pips
    FOREX COMMISSION: No $3.5 per 1 lot traded $3.0 per 1 lot traded
    DE30 (NO COMMISSION) 0.95 points 0.95 points 0.95 points
    S&P500 (NO COMMISSION) 0.6 points 0.6 points 0.6 points
    US30 (NO COMMISSION) 2.3 points 2.3 points 2.3 points
    OIL (NO COMMISSION) 0.040 0.040 0.040
    GOLD 1.0 points 0.0 points + $3.5 per 1 lot traded 0.0 points + $3.0 per 1 lot traded


    The Forex market is one of the largest and most liquid markets in the world. There are many forex providers to choose from, but not all of them have good pricing. The best thing to do is to compare the spreads and make sure that you are getting a fair deal.

    IC Markets is one of the largest forex brokers with more than 50 currency pairs available to trade. The spreads are super low, especially if you are using the raw spread account. There is a real 0.0 pip spread on more than 10 currency pairs. Furthermore, you can see in the order book that there are high liquidity and good pricing for retail traders. It is one of the best FX providers


    Trading commodities is a very popular option with CFD traders. There are over 10 different commodities available for trading via CFDs. These include Brent, Cocoa, Coffee, Corn, Soybean, Sugar, Wheat and WTI. The conditions are quite good here as well. It is possible to trade these products on their own or in combination with other currencies or indices. The spreads are very low and there is no commission for trades.


    Indices are very popular among traders. There are more than 20 indices from all over the world available. You will pay no commissions and get a low spread here. For example, the NASDAQ indices are available from 2.0 points minimum spread.

    There is also a demo account available, in case you want to test your skills before committing your money.


    The metals market is a market that trades as a commodity, meaning that it is not based on the value of any one company. Instead, it trades in currency, against the USD, EUR, or AUD. There are more than 5 different metals available for trading. The spreads are low but you have to pay a commission like in forex if you choose the raw spread account. Compared to other brokers the fees are at a minimum.


    The cryptocurrency market is a hot topic right now. You can trade cryptocurrencies on IC Markets via CFD 24 hours per week. You will pay no commissions and a low spread. The funny thing here is that it is cheaper to trade CFDs on IC Markets than buy the real currency on an exchange.

    When you buy or sell cryptocurrency on an exchange, you need to pay fees for each transaction and even more if you want to withdraw your money! In comparison, when trading CFDs on IC Markets, they don’t charge any commission at all so you can keep most of your profit. We also offer a very low spread so your profit grows faster!


    In addition to the trading of cryptocurrencies and digital assets, you can also trade stocks at IC Markets. American and Australian stocks are offered. In total, over 100 securities of companies are available. Depending on the security, the leverage is variable. The stocks are traded via CFD, but dividend payout is also available. The exchanges are ASX, NASDAQ, NYSE.


    The execution in the live account works in real-time. With the data center in New York and London (financial centers of the world), you get an unrivaled fast execution. If that’s not enough, you can hire a VPS server for even faster access. Since IC Markets is a true direct market access broker, price manipulation is excluded. In addition, there are no requotes and your position will always be executed at the next best price. There are no hidden fees for traders. The real “raw spreads” are offered. In addition, the broker is supplied by various liquidity providers. This means that there is always sufficient liquidity available (even for high trading volumes).

    In addition to this, IC Markets offers its customers many tools to help them make their trading experience as convenient and comfortable as possible. A demo account with virtual money is provided for free so that users can test out their strategies without risking any real money before actually investing their own funds into their trades instead!

    Traders have to have a good understanding of the product, its features and its trading conditions.

    • Raw spreads are 0.0 pips with commission-based trading accounts, which means you don’t have to pay any commissions on top of the spread.
    • Leverage of up to 1:500, which means you can trade with much larger positions than most other brokerages!
    • Over 2,000 assets for trading, more than many other brokerages.
    • Trading already from 0.01 Microlot – all the way down to 1 Microlot, so whether you’re just starting out or an experienced trader who wants to go big, we’ve got you covered!
    • Free demo account? It’s a great way to try out trading before committing any money!

    In conclusion, we feel IC Markets is an outstanding broker for traders. We have never seen such a high level of web service anywhere else in the online trading community. If you are looking for a good forex provider, we cannot recommend a better one than ICmarkets.com. They have some of the lowest spreads in the industry and will give you a fair deal every time.


    (Disclaimer: Risk your own capital)

    The IC Markets trading platform

    IC Markets is a trading platform that offers the well-known MetaTrader 4/5 and cTrader trading platforms.

    The MetaTrader is available for computers, smartphones, and tablets. It can also be started from the browser.

    The cTrader is available for browser and mobile devices.

    Both platforms have been used for many years and offer high security guarantees. The MetaTrader is the world’s most popular trading platform for private traders. You can make any settings yourself and create your own strategies. The MetaTrader works flawlessly and gives you direct access to the markets.

    The following trading platforms are offered:

    • MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 by MetaQuotes Software Corp.
    • cTrader
    • There are mobile apps for each of the following platforms: Android, iOS, and Windows.

    MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 by MetaQuotes Software Corp.

    The trading platforms testify to high security and have been in use for many years. Metatrader is the world’s most famous platform for trading private traders. You can make any settings yourself and create your own strategies. Metatrader works flawlessly and gives you direct access to the markets.

    The MT 4/5 platform is extremely flexible and can be adapted to any trader’s needs. The platform is available in more than 20 languages, including English, German, Russian, Spanish and Chinese.

    In addition to MT4, we also offer a variety of options for mobile trading: Android, iOS (iPhone), Blackberry OS7 / Playbook OS 2 / Windows Phone 8 / Windows 8

    MetaTrader 4/5 is one of the best trading platforms
    MetaTrader 4/5 is one of the best trading platforms for private traders because it offers an incomparable user-friendly interface and trading settings. Besides free indicators, automated trading, multi-charting, MetaTrader is customizable for any trading style.In the picture above you can see the MetaTrader 5.

    At IC Markets, they want to help you succeed. With the statistics and information available on their website, it’s easy to see that most of the order volume comes from automated systems. The broker supports you to use an automated system. For this purpose, you can rent a Virtual Private Server at IC Market and run the system 24 hours a day.

    You can program such systems using the built-in editor in the trading platform. But of course, you need a suitable trading strategy.

    MetaTrader is also available for any device. Use your mobile device at any time to access the portfolio. The MetaTrader is from my experience one of the best trading platforms with countless possibilities to realize his trading.


    (Disclaimer: Risk your own capital)

    MetaTrader 4 Pluggins

    The IC Markets trading platform is a comprehensive trading solution that offers free extensions for the software in the form of plugins. These can be easily downloaded and then inserted into the software. This includes, for example, a tick chart extension or additional indicators.

    The following plugins are available in IC Markets:

    • Alarm Manager plugin that allows you to set up alerts for any event that happens on the markets, so you can be notified as soon as possible. You can set up alerts for currencies, instruments, and more!
    • The Correlation Matrix/Trader plugin will help you analyze correlations between currencies or instruments and find out which pairs are a good fit for your portfolio.
    • The Trading Terminal plugin lets you trade directly from your browser window. This is great if you want to use multiple computers or if you just prefer not to install things on your computer.
    • The Market Manager plugin allows you to import real-time data from all market destinations into one place so that it’s easier for you to analyze markets and make decisions about your trades.
    • The Mini Terminal plugin is designed specifically for mobile devices and tablets; it lets you trade directly from your mobile phone or tablet without having to install anything on your device!
    • The Market Destination Trader plugin allows you to access data from various market destinations directly through our website, which makes it easier than ever before!
    • The Trading Session Map plugin shows real-time charts of different sessions across all exchanges; this feature is especially helpful

    C-Trader Platform

    CTrader is a trading platform that offers a highly sophisticated trading environment. It is aimed at experienced traders who like to trade with the order book or liquidity. CTrader should be noted that both trading platforms are available free of charge and you do not have to pay any account maintenance fees. Through CTrader you get insight directly into the market liquidity without intermediaries, which means that you can choose from all listed stocks.

    IC Markets cTrader platform
    IC Markets cTrader platform

    IC Markets is an online trading broker that offers its customers a variety of financial products and services. The company was founded in 2008 and has since grown to become one of the largest online brokers in the world. It offers clients access to over 2,000 financial instruments as well as several different platforms through which they can trade.

    One of these is the cTrader platform, which provides traders with access to thousands of financial products and markets around the world. The platform features many features that are designed to help users make informed decisions based on market data and other factors.

    The most important feature is the technical analysis tool, which allows traders to gain insights into their current positions as well as those that they might want to open in the future. This tool allows users to analyze charts using multiple indicators like moving averages or Bollinger bands; it also allows them to set up alerts so they know when a certain price has been reached or when prices have moved outside certain boundaries.

    Another feature is called Market Scanner; this tool allows users to quickly find out if any new opportunities have arisen within their chosen market category (such as stocks or commodities). This feature also provides news feeds from around the world so traders never miss out on important information about their favorite

    The following is a list of facts about the trading platforms:

    • MetaTrader 4/5 and the cTrader are offered to you through Metaquotes Software Corp.
    • Available for any device (including mobile), these tools are professional and can be used by any trader.
    • A wide range of charting tools are available to help you make informed decisions about your trades.
    • Direct market access without intermediaries allows you to trade directly from the order book, keeping costs down for both you and your broker.
    • You can even trade with no account maintenance fees, so there’s no reason not to give it a try!


    (Disclaimer: Risk your own capital)

    IC Markets uses a combination of traditional and modern charting software to provide accurate analysis, so you understand what’s driving your trades.

    With the MetaTrader trading platform, you can choose from a huge range of analysis and charting material. Use various chart types and customize them as you like. Indicators and technical drawing tools are free to use.

    More than 50 different indicators are available on the platform. For advanced traders, there is the possibility to insert external indicators which you can download from the internet. Each indicator is customizable by yourself with many functions which cannot be listed here all. In addition, technical drawing tools are available for doing technical analysis.

    Facts about the trading platform: 

    • Meta Trader 4 / 5 is the most popular trading platform used by traders around the world.
    • The platform is available in both desktop and web-based versions, which are free of charge.
    • There are more than 250 indicators that you can use to predict future market movements.
    • You can also get access to technical tools, such as Fibonacci retracement levels, MACD and RSI indicators, Bollinger Bands, stochastic oscillator, etc.
    • Meta Trader 4 / 5 allows you to configure your own strategies and trade them automatically.
    • It’s easy to use and customizable — you can create your own charts, modify the interface and add new features to suit your needs.

    Expert Advisor

    IC Markets has been a top broker for years, and it’s not hard to see why. They offer a wide range of products and services, including the best in market execution, low-latency trading, and expert advisors.

    The terms of IC Markets are also perfect for automated trading! The company itself states that more than 60% of the trades delivered each day are from automated systems. The data center is located in New York and with a VPS server you have the best access to the markets. This allows you to get the best prices in the market and open and close trades in less than a second.

    Furthermore, the broker is characterized by low latency. The average execution speed is less than 40 milliseconds. From our experience, there is also virtually no slippage (even with positions with more than 10 lots).

    IC Markets is a free demo trading account with $50,000 USD virtual money. You can set up an account and use their charting software for free.

    There are many reasons why you should try out IC Markets before you start trading with real money. The most important reason is that it helps you to learn more about trading. This is why we recommend taking some time to practice and experiment before you actually start trading with real money.

    You can open different demo accounts for your purpose on the personal area of your IC Markets account. One demo account is enough to check out new strategies and markets but if you want to test more than one strategy at once, then opening multiple demo accounts could be a good idea for you.

    (Disclaimer: Risk your own capital)

    This is a full list of all the different types of accounts offered by IC Markets so you can find the best trading account type for your needs.

    IC Markets offers two different account types, raw spread and STP (Standard). Only one difference in the billing of fees is seen; with the raw spread account, you get real spreads directly from the market, but pay commissions at $3.5 or $3.0 per 1 lot, while there is no commission for the STP (Standard) account, but there is an additional spread of 1 pips.

    If you are a trader who wants to trade on the difference between the bid and ask prices, then the raw spread account is a better option. The raw spread account is designed for traders who do not want to be bothered by commission fees and other costs. It is also great for people who want to keep their trading costs low.

    However, if you care about the commissions paid per trade and not much else, then you should go with commission-based trading. The commissions charged by IB are slightly higher than those charged by other brokers, but they are still fairly low when compared to other services offered by IB.

    IC Markets trading accounts
    The trading accounts of IC Markets are designed to make it easy for you to start trading and make your first steps in the world of financial markets.

    Our platform offers two account types:

    • Raw spread account (DMA) with $ 3.5 / $ 3.0 commission and from 0.0 pip spread
    • STP (Standard) account with 0 $ commission and from 1.0 pip spread

    DMA (Direct Market Access)

    Unlimited trades per month, no commission, and unlimited deposits and withdrawals. The spread on this account is set at 0.0 pips, so you will never pay commission on any of your trades.

    STP (Standard Trading Platform)

    This is the standard trading platform, which does not have any limitations on the number of trades you can make per month, but does have a $3.5/3.0 commission structure for each trade.

    Visit IC Markets and open a demo account today.

    Opening an account with IC Markets is very easy. Just fill out the form and start trading. First of all, you have to insert your real name and phone number. Then the broker will ask you for additional information about your identity. Through the regulation of the ASIC, the Forex Broker has to verify your identity and account before you can start trading real money. But from my experience, it is an easy process to verify the account. We recommend doing this as fast as possible to get access to all functions of the platform.

    The first step is to open an account by simply clicking on “Open Account” in the upper right corner of their website. Then choose your preferred language (English or German) and click on “Next”. Now enter your personal details in accordance with Australian law (name, address, date of birth). You can also enter your email address here if you want them to send you an email confirmation after making payment or want them to send you an invoice afterwards so that they know how much money has been deposited into their bank account by customers (we recommend entering email address).


    (Disclaimer: Risk your own capital)

    We have prepared a step-by-step guide on how to withdraw and deposit at IC Markets.

    IC Markets offers a wide variety of payment methods to capitalize on your account. The broker offers a total of 15 different ways to deposit and withdraw funds, including Bitcoin and PayPal.

    Deposits are executed immediately and confirmed in real time, depending on the method. I have always been paid within 24 hours of receiving a withdrawal request.

    There are no fees or hidden costs associated with deposits or withdrawals. However, international bank transfers may cost you if your bank charges an international transfer fee.

    The trading account is available in AUD, USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, SGD, NZD, JPY, HKD, and CHF.

    IC Markets payment methods
    IC Markets offer multiple payment methods including Skrill/Moneybookers and Neteller.

    IC Markets offers deposit and withdrawal methods for your convenience.

    You can deposit using credit card (MasterCard, Visa), PayPal, e-wallets (Skrill and Neteller), bank transfer, Bitcoin wallet or UnionPay. If you prefer to use a more traditional payment method, we also accept Bpay and FasaPay.

    There are no hidden fees and all transactions are carried out with the utmost transparency.


    (Disclaimer: Risk your own capital)

    Here is an example of a withdrawal proof generated by IC Markets.

    This is a withdrawal proof generated by IC Markets, one of the leading brokers in the industry. The withdrawal proof shows that we have received the funds from your bank account and are holding them in our system.


    ic markets withdrawal proof
    Withdrawal proof of IC Markets 

    You can request a withdrawal anytime you want from your IC Markets account.

    How to do a withdrawal with IC Markets

    First, login to your account on the website.

    Then click on “Trade”, and select “Withdraw” from the menu.

    In this section, you can see all of your withdrawals that have been processed by IC Markets. To withdraw funds, click on “Withdraw” next to the withdrawal you want to make.

    Now you will be asked to enter your 2FA code or password in order to confirm your withdrawal request. This is an extra layer of security that helps us protect our clients’ accounts from unauthorized access or misuse.

    After submitting all required information and approving your withdrawal request, it can take up to 24 hours for the funds to show up in your bank account (if they are sent via wire transfer).


    Important Note!

    There is no negative balance protection unless you risk the entire sum of your account.


    What is Negative Balance Protection?

    Negative Balance Protection is a feature that protects traders from losses on their accounts. If a trader’s account balance drops below the negative balance protection limit, the system will automatically close out positions with negative balances and return funds to the trader.

    The basic idea is that negative balance protection protects you from losing more than your deposit amount at any given time. This means that if you have a $1,000 account balance, and you lose all of it in one trade, negative balance protection will prevent you from further losses. You’ll still be able to trade, but you won’t be able to lose more than $1,000 at a time until your account balance has recovered to the point where it is larger than your negative balance.

    These are the real deal from IC Markets, where there’s no negative balance protection. IC Markets is a direct market access broker. It is similar to futures trading. While the account can end up in extreme situations, it does not happen often if you use the balanced risk management and do not burden the account with oversized positions. IC Markets automatically stops all positions with 50% margin overstepping. A higher value is also adjustable. So you should be protected under normal circumstances for IC Markets . For IC Markets , it is also not possible to get negative balance protection for its customer as it is trading on real market conditions. If there is no counterparty in the market, you can close the position later (but this rarely happens).


    (Disclaimer: Risk your own capital)

    Customer support and service at IC Markets is always available around the clock.

    IC Markets provides a wide range of services and support to its clients. The company offers 24/7 customer service via telephone, email, and chat. The language of the support is English. The website is translated into different languages. More than 10 languages are available.

    The speed of support is outstanding. For example, you get a direct answer via chat support. The employees work quickly and can help you with your problems.


    Diverse support options

    You can get help in a variety of ways on the IC Markets platform. First, there are video tutorials and analyses for beginners. In addition, well-known guests are sometimes invited to webinars, which you will receive a notification via email. In this way, you always get professional help directly. However, you have to make a small smear because there is no support in every language.

    The most important thing at IC Markets is that there is always someone available for you. You can contact them via phone, email or chat during working days 24 hours per week.


    PHONE +61 (0)2 8014 4280
    ADDRESS IC Markets
    HIS Buildings, Providence
    Mahe, Seychelles
    EMAIL enquiries@icmarkets.com
    SUPPORT 24/7

    IC Markets also offers an institutional service for institutions and high volume traders.

    If you are an asset manager, broker, or introducing broker, IC Markets is the right partner for you. The broker also offers other brokers to send liquidity to them. Or you register as a partner with IC Markets and recruit other customers. It is also possible to offer a copy trading service.

    IC Markets has developed its own software that can be used by all brokers as well as by asset managers who want to offer their own trading platform to their clients.

    The software allows clients of IC Markets to trade on multiple markets at the same time using different trading strategies.

    Fund managers

    IC Markets offers a variety of trading conditions that are ideal for fund managers. The company provides a platform where you can manage the money of your clients, as well as offer them various investment opportunities.

    Affiliate program or Introducing Broker of IC Markets

    The IC Markets Affiliate Program allows you to promote the broker and bring new clients to the platform. The Forex broker shares a part of the paid commissions with you. For example, you offer a strategy for free and then register the client through you with IC Markets. The client pays commissions when using the strategy, which the broker shares with you. This program is available for both retail and institutional clients, as well as for private investors.

    Countries available for IC Markets

    The international market is growing fast and more and more people want direct access to it. IC Markets accepts traders from around the globe. They do have some exceptions: they do not accept traders from the U.S, Canada, Israel, Iran.

    The fastest growing area of the world is the Asian and African markets. They accept traders from China, India, Philippines, Indonesia, South Africa, Ghana and more.

    IC Markets offers a wide range of trading tools for all types of traders: beginners or professional ones who want to trade on margin or without it; large investors who want to trade with large volumes; small investors who want to trade with small amounts.


    (Disclaimer: Risk your own capital)


    IC Markets is one of the best raw spread Forex Brokers. They offer a wide variety of Metatrader 4 accounts, including Forex, CFD’s, ETF’s and futures. With multi-level security, you know your funds are safe.

    International Currency Markets is a favorite Forex broker because here you are without conflicts of interest to very small fees. Unlike most providers, this broker has real direct market access. Thus unlimited profits can be made and the broker earns only the commission of its money.

    IC Markets is a broker to be trusted. In short, they are one of the very few top brokers worldwide that can be recommended


    (Disclaimer: Risk your own capital)


    The advantages of IC Markets: 

    IC Markets is a regulated and safe Forex broker. You’ll find the best conditions for traders: 0.0 pips spread + commission. It has the best conditions for high volume trading through big liquidity providers and no hidden fees.

    The broker offers high level of service, including fast support, free demo account and minimum deposit 200$. The broker is regulated by CySEC, FCA and ASIC, which ensures highest level of security and transparency for all its customers.

    The disadvantages of IC Markets: 

    The main disadvantage of IC Markets is that it does not support wire transfers in some countries, which means that users will have to use another payment method such as credit card or PayPal if they wish to make deposits or withdrawals from their accounts. Another disadvantage is that there is no negative balance protection offered by this platform, so users should be careful when making transactions so as not to lose money due to unforeseen circumstances such as hackers stealing funds from your account or sending them elsewhere without your knowledge


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    # Best platform for beginners
    # No hidden fees
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    # Best platform for beginners
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    wdt_ID # Broker Website Forex Broker Year Regulation
    1 1 Open an Account FBS 2.009 IFSC, CySEC, ASIC, FSCA
    2 2 Open an Account EXNESS 2.008 CySEC, FCA
    3 3 Open an Account OCTA FX 2.008 SVG
    4 4 Open an Account INSTA FOREX 2.007 VI FSC, CySec
    5 5 Open an Account FX OPEN 2.008 CySEC, FCA
    6 6 Open an Account AXI 2.008 CySEC, FCA
    7 7 Open an Account FX PRIMUS 2.008 CySEC, FCA
    8 8 Open an Account HFM 2.010 CySEC, FSC, FSB, FCA, BaFin, DFSA
    9 9 Open an Account FXTM 2.011 CySEC, FCA, IFSC
    10 10 Open an Account JUST FOREX 2.012 IFSC
    11 11 Open an Account CAPITAL.COM 2.016 FCA, FSA, ASIC, and CySec
    12 12 Open an Account TASTY WORKS 2.017 CySEC, FCA
    13 13 Open an Account MOOMOO 2.018 FINRA & SEC, SFC, MAS, ASIC
    14 14 Open an Account AVATRADE 2.006 MiFiD, CBI, FSA, ASIC, SFB, BVI, ADGM, FSRA, CySEC
    15 15 Open an Account EASY MARKETS 2.001 CySEC, MiFID, ASIC
    16 16 Open an Account EIGHT CAP 2.009 ASIC, VFSC
    17 17 Open an Account FP MARKETS 2.007 CySEC, ASIC, FSA
    18 18 Open an Account HYCM 1.977 CySEC, FCA, MiFID, DFSA, SFC
    19 19 Open an Account ICMARKETS 2.007 CySEC, ASIC, FSA
    20 20 Open an Account IRON FX 2.010 FCA, ASIC, FSCA, CySEC
    21 21 Open an Account LITE FINANCE 2.007 CySEC
    22 22 Open an Account REVOLUT 2.015 CySEC
    23 23 Open an Account IG 1.974 ASIC, JFSA, MAS, FINMA, FCA, FMA, CFTC
    24 24 Open an Account MONETA MARKETS 2.009 ASIC, FCA
    25 25 Open an Account AMARKETS 2.007 The Financial Commission
    26 26 Open an Account PEPPERSTONE 2.010 CYSEC, BAFIN, CMA, SCB, DFSA, ASIC, FCA
    27 27 Open an Account PLUS 500 2.008 CySEC, ASIC, FMA, FSCA
    28 28 Open an Account TICKMILL 2.014 FCA UK, CySEC, FSA Seychelles
    29 29 Open an Account TMGM 2.013 ASIC, FMA
    30 30 Open an Account TOP FX 2.010 FCA
    31 31 Open an Account TRADE NATION 2.014 FCA
    32 32 Open an Account TRADE 360 2.013 CySEC
    33 33 Open an Account VANTAGE 2.009 CIMA, SIBL
    34 34 Open an Account VT MARKETS 2.015 ASIC, CIMA
    35 35 Open an Account XM 2.009 ASIC, CySEC, IFSC
    # Broker Website Forex Broker Year Regulation