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    IG Review

    IG is one of the largest Forex Brokers. When it comes to investing, traders have a lot to say about IG—but how good is this broker? – We will find out in our review. With over 9 years experience within trading, we’ll give you an in-depth look at what IG has to offer. We researched the details of this company’s business model, costs, and systems so that you wouldn’t have to. – Read our full review now!


    IG.com website

    What is IG? – The online broker presented

    What is IG? IG is a broker that has been around since the early 2000s and offers a wide range of products to trade. They offer stocks, bonds, Forex and CFDs.

    IG is licensed by FCA in the UK, ASIC in Australia and CySEC in Cyprus. This means that the company holds a financial services license which requires them to be transparent about their business practices and adhere to certain regulations.

    IG is a great broker that can help you succeed. Their main focus is to build a good relationship with their clients and they want their traders to succeed because the profitable traders will earn them more money. So through our review, it is outstanding that you get professional support and service with IG. In conclusion, IG is clearly one of the leading brokers in the trading industry. The broker knows exactly the area where he is operating and IG can give you the best conditions to invest with.



    IG Markets awards

    IG Markets awards


    IG is one of the most recognizable names in online trading, with a long history of success and a large customer base. They offer a wide range of products, including forex and CFDs, spread betting, and options trading. They are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and CySEC.


    Facts about the company: 
    1. The company is IG Group Holdings (LON:IGG).

    2. The company was founded in 2012 by David and Tom Hayes.

    3. IG is a social network for traders, where you can share your trading ideas, get feedback and advice, and follow other traders to learn new strategies.

    4. There are over 5 million registered users on the platform, with more than 10 million monthly visits.

    ➔ Open your free trading account with IG now

    (Risk warning: 75.59% of retail CFD accounts lose)

    Is IG regulated? – Regulation and safety of customer funds

    IG is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA is a financial regulator in the UK. They are responsible for ensuring that IG brokers follow all rules and regulations.

    This means that your money is protected and that you can trade without worry. It also means that IG has to follow strict rules, so this will be reflected in the way they operate their business, which is why we have rated them so highly.


    IG is regulated and licensed in the following countries:



    IG Internationale regler og lande
    International regulations


    • Multiple countries in Europe

    • Singapore

    • Australia

    • South Africa

    • United Kingdom

    • Switzerland

    • USA

    • Japan

    • United Arab Emirates


    In the photo above, you can see that IG is an international broker. The company’s regulatory status varies by country—it maintains registrations and licenses in many nations. For example, FCA regulation (the United Kingdom) is one of its most popular types of registration. The UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) protects customers’ bank balances up to 85,000 £.

    IG offers a wide range of products including FX, CFDs, commodities, indices and bonds in more than 20 different currencies. You can trade from any device as long as you have internet access because the platform is available on PC/Mac desktop or mobile devices.

    Following the motto “make money your way”, IG offers a very flexible platform with a wide range of features and tools which can be used by any trader regardless if they are beginner or experienced. This includes AutoTrade Program which allows users to automate their trading strategies using preset rules that trigger trades based on specific market conditions such as price levels or technical indicators etc… In addition to that there is also Expert Advisor Program which allows users to create custom automated trading systems using their own software tools such as MetaTrader 4 (MT4) or TradeStation Open API (TSAPI).



    IG markets FSCS scheme


    IG markets FSCS scheme

    There are many reasons to love IG, but they hold all of your funds on regulated and segregated banks. In addition, the fact that the company is listed on the London Stock Exchange shows us that the broker is very reliable. In conclusion, we can say that IG is one of the safest and most highly regulated brokers in the world. Your money will manage professionally and you can do deposits and withdrawals at any time.


    Facts about the regulation:
    • The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which is the most important financial regulator in the US, regulates the stock market and all investment banks.

    • The SEC oversees financial markets and securities industry to protect investors from fraud and manipulation, while ensuring fair trading practices.

    • They are also responsible for protecting investors who purchase stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or other securities by ensuring that insiders (such as management) do not manipulate the price of these assets.

    • They also monitor insider trading activity to ensure that no one is using non-public information to their advantage.

    ➔ Open your free trading account with IG now

    (Risk warning: 75.59% of retail CFD accounts lose)

    Review of the trading conditions for traders – What offers are available?

    IG is an international broker, offering a wide range of financial products for its clients. However, the availability and variety of investments depends on your country of residence and regulatory body. To give you an idea of what is possible with IG, we will share some examples. However, you should explore the possibilities on your own.


    IG markets and spreads


    With IG, you can trade a wide range of assets—from stocks to commodities to currencies—with just one account. This means that you can be trading in a variety of markets around the world at any given time.

    When it comes to spreads, IG offers excellent value for money. Their spreads are low, and they’re even lower for some asset classes than for others.

    For example, their cash market spreads are generally lower than their equity market spreads.


    Markets to trade with IG:
    • Forex (Currencies)

    • Indices

    • Shares

    • Commodities

    • Interest rates, Bonds, Sectors (ETFs), and more


    For traders, there are many different ways to invest and trade in these markets. A wide range of financial products is offered, and traders can choose between leveraged trading (CFDs) or normal investment. CFDs (Contract For Difference) is another way to do OTC trading (over-the-counter trading). You can go long or short with a small amount of money and high leverage on different markets.


    The leverage IG is a broker that gives you the ability to trade with a higher account balance. This means that when you deposit $100 into your account, you can trade with up to $1000 worth of digital assets. This can be extremely useful if you are looking to make large trades and want to avoid having a high fee associated with them.

    The downside of using this type of broker is that it also comes with some risks. For example, if your trading strategy does not work out in your favor and you end up losing money, then this could leave you unable to access any more money from your account until you get back into the black again.

    This type of broker also does not allow for margin trading, which means that if you do lose all of your funds then there will be no way for you to get them back out again until after some time has passed.


    Financial products:
    • Contract For Difference (CFDs)

    • Spread Betting

    • Real assets

    • Stocks, ETFs, Shares

    • Barriers and turbos (a new type of options)


    IG is a broker that offers an impressive range of products and services to its customers. The trading platform can be used in several ways, which we will discuss later. The most well-known one is the MetaTrader 4 web-based software, but there is also the ProRealTime platform for traders who prefer this solution. Customers also benefit from a unique service: professionally trained staff will help you set up your trading platform. Webinars and daily analyses are also available.

    IG has some great features from my test results. The large selection of products is particularly outstanding at IG, as are the spreads and trading fees, which are both in the medium range. IG is suitable for any trader who wants to build a universal portfolio.

    ➔ Open your free trading account with IG now

    (Risk warning: 75.59% of retail CFD accounts lose)

    CFD Trading – Spreads and margin:



    EUR/USD: 0.6 pip 3.33%
    GBP/USD: 0.9 pip 3.33%
    GOLD: 0.3 points 5%
    OIL (WTI): 2.8 points 5%
    S&P500: 0.2 points 5%

    Stock trading:

    IG is a great broker for trading stocks, CFDs (contracts for difference), and even barrier options. With IG, you can trade over 16,000 stocks with as little as $5 in margin. This includes the stock exchanges from Europe, America, and Asia. This means that you can build up a diversified portfolio without having to worry about having enough money to invest in each stock.

    Investing in the initial offering of a company’s stock, even before it goes public. Different fees will apply depending on which product you choose:

    GERMANY 0.05% 5 Euro 15 Euro
    AUSTRIA 0.10% 10 Euro 15 Euro
    USA 2 cents per share 10 USD 15 USD
    UK 0.10% 10 GBP 15 GBP
    IRELAND 0.10% 10 Euro 15 Euro
    NL 0.10% 10 Euro 15 Euro
    BELGIUM 0.10% 10 Euro 15 Euro

    Stock CFDs:

    IG is a brokerage firm that offers CFDs, spread betting and forex trading. It is one of the largest brokers in Europe and it has gained a reputation for providing excellent customer service and a wide range of products to trade on. IG also offers an app for mobile devices which can be downloaded to your phone or tablet.

    CFDs are financial instruments that allow you to trade stocks and shares without owning them directly. Instead, you only need to own a contract for difference (CFD). This means there are no stock or share transactions until you close the position at which point any profit or loss will be realised. CFDs can be used by both professionals and amateurs alike but they do require knowledge of risk management techniques in order to be successful long-term.

    Spread betting is another type of derivative product which allows investors to speculate on financial markets without actually owning any assets themselves – just like CFDs. The difference between spread betting and CFDs is that spread bets are settled immediately whereas CFDs settle at some point in future (usually within 24 hours).



    UK 0.10% 10 GBP 15 GBP
    USA 2 cent per share 15 USD 25 USD
    EURO 0.10% 10 EUR 25 EUR

    Stock Barriers (Options):

    In IG, you can use stock barriers to protect your position from being exploited by the market. You can set a barrier on an option contract and it will be triggered when the price of your stock reaches that level. Once the barrier is reached, it will close the position and you will be able to realize any profit or loss.

    There are two types of stock barriers: Up-and-in and up-and-out. The up-and-in barrier is triggered when the price of your stock reaches or exceeds a certain level, which means that if you place an up-and-in barrier, your position will be closed when the price of your stock reaches or exceeds that level. An up-and-out barrier is triggered when the price drops below another specified level, so if you place an up-and-out barrier, it will close your position when the price drops below a specific level.



    GERMANY 100 shares 0.05% 5€ 15€
    EURO 100 shares 0.05% 10€ 25€
    USA 100 shares 2 cents per share 10€ 15€
    SWEDISH 100 shares 0.10% 99 SEK 250 SEK


    IG is a global investment company. It has been around since 1973 and provides financial services to over 2 million clients worldwide.

    The company offers a wide range of services, including trading, spread betting and CFDs (Contracts for Difference). Their products include equities, commodities, ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) and currencies.

    They offer the following indices:



    0.8 – 1 points
    1.6 points
    1.0 points
    1.0 points


    IG is one of the largest and most well-known forex brokers in the world. The company was founded in 1999 and has grown significantly since then, now offering a wide range of services to its customers.

    IG offers trading in over 100 currency pairs, stocks, futures, and commodities. The company also provides access to CFDs on stocks and shares, commodities and indices as well as options on shares and indices.

    In addition to its online platform, IG offers mobile apps for iOS and Android devices as well as access via telephone line for those who prefer a more traditional approach to their trading activities.



    0.6 pips
    0.6 pips
    0.9 pips
    0.9 pips


    Commodities IG is an online broker that specializes in trading commodities, energy and other commodity markets. They offer a wide range of products and services to help you achieve your trading goals. Commodities IG has been around for over 20 years and have been involved in many large projects including the construction of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. They have been recognized as one of the top ten most innovative companies by Forbes magazine.

    Commodities IG offers a range of different accounts that are tailored to suit different needs and budgets. The first account they offer is their standard account which allows you to trade with as little as $100! They also provide a margin account, which allows you to borrow money from them to use in your trades; this is great if you feel like you don’t have enough money to invest into your trades but still want the option of trading on margin.

    Commodities IG provides its clients with some great resources such as an education center which contains information on how to get started with trading commodities, what types of accounts are available at Commodities IG and much more!


    Take a look at the sample spreads in the table below:



    GOLD 0.3 0.6
    SILBER 2 3
    WTI 2.8 6
    BRENT 2.8 6
    WHEAT 0.6 1


    IG is one of the leading online trading platforms in the world. It has been around for over two decades, and it offers a wide range of financial instruments to its clients. They are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and are licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. The company has an impressive customer base that includes individuals, institutions and professional traders alike.

    The company’s website features an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to navigate through all of the products offered by IG. The homepage displays a list of popular products along with their current prices and volumes. You can also view daily charts for each instrument, as well as news headlines related to your selected asset class.

    If you want to trade cryptocurrencies through IG, then you will need to open an account with them first before proceeding further into this review which will explain how this process works in detail below:



    BITCOIN 36 1:2
    ETHEREUM 1.2 1:2
    BITCOIN CASH 2 1:2
    LITECOIN 0.4 1:2
    EOS 4 1:2
    STELLAR 0.2 1:2
    NEO 0.2 1:2
    CRYPTO 10 INDEX 38 1:2

    IG trading platforms review and test

    A good trading platform is the most important feature for a broker. The trader can’t make money without a reliable and professional software.

    IG offers different platforms for its traders. You can use a web-based platform or download software for your computer. Also, trading apps are available. From our experience, IG offers a trading platform for any type of trader. Whether you want to use professional order book trading or just invest with your smartphone you should feel comfortable.


    Trading platforms:
    • Trading Apps

    • IG Web Trader

    • MetaTrader 4

    • Professional Platform L2 Dealer (with direct market access)



    IG Markets trading platforms

    IG trading platforms


    The software offered by IG is probably one of the most comprehensive and diverse selections that I have ever seen. Different trading platforms are offered depending on the trading methods and experience of the traders. Professional and institutional software is offered in addition to the “normal” trading platforms. Due to time constraints, I cannot go into detail about each individual software.




    The Web Trading Platform

    The Web Trading Platform


    The best stock trading platforms are the ones that make it easy for you to get started. That’s why we’ve put together this guide—so you can find the best stock trading platform for your needs, whether you’re just starting out or looking for something more advanced.

    First, let’s talk about what makes a good stock trading platform. At its most basic level, a good platform should allow you to trade stocks and other investments easily and securely. It should have features that allow you to research companies and learn more about them before deciding whether or not to invest in them; this helps you make informed decisions about which ones will be profitable for your portfolio. You’ll also want features that help manage risk, including tools like stop loss orders (which automatically sell stocks if they drop below a certain price) or trailing stops (which automatically sell stocks if they rise above a certain point).

    If you’re just starting out and aren’t sure how much money you want to invest in the market yet, consider using a free demo account instead of signing up for real accounts.

    ➔ Open your free trading account with IG now

    (Risk warning: 75.59% of retail CFD accounts lose)

    MetaTrader 4

    MetaTrader is the most widely used trading software in the world. It is offered by many CFD brokers, and it is available for both desktop and mobile devices. You only need one account to access your portfolio from any device.

    The software offers many tools for analysis, including automated trading and the ability to add external tools. Technical analysis is also facilitated with a wide range of indicators and drawing tools.



    IG Markets MetaTrader 4

    IG Markets MetaTrader 4


    ProRealTime is a forex and CFD trading software that provides automated trading and the ability to program your own strategies.

    The software has over 100 different indicators and the ability to place trades directly on trendlines. There is also a screener to filter the markets according to certain criteria.

    This software also supports automated trading. You can access over 30 years of historical data and perform backtests automatically. With a little programming knowledge, algorithms or strategies can be developed. Unfortunately, ProRealTime is only free for the first month. The software has one condition: trade at least 4 times a month. If you are inactive, you pay at least 30€ per month.


    IG Markets ProRealTime
    IG Markets ProRealTime

    ➔ Open your free trading account with IG now

    (Risk warning: 75.59% of retail CFD accounts lose)

    L2 Dealer

    “L2 Dealer is the professional software of IG. You can use it to get direct market access to stocks and forex. This software is helpful for strategies based on liquidity, like high-frequency trading.

    It’s free, but you need a minimum balance of 1000€. You can trade stocks, forex, OTC forex, forex DMA, indices and commodities perfectly with this software. There are also universal analysis tools for any strategy.”


    L2 Dealer of IG Markets

    Mobile trading (IG Markets app)

    The IG Markets app is the easiest way to trade on your phone.

    Our app gives you all the functionality of our desktop platform, so you can do everything from your phone—whether that’s placing trades or checking out the market. We’ve even made it easy to move between platforms, so if you’re using a desktop and want to check out the market on your phone, or vice versa, you can do that too!

    With IG Markets on your phone, you never have to miss out on a great opportunity because you’re not at your computer.


    IG Markets
    IG mobile trading

    ➔ Open your free trading account with IG now

    (Risk warning: 75.59% of retail CFD accounts lose)

    The IG app is a powerful tool for trading on the go. With it, you can trade Turbo24, CFDs, Barriers, Vanilla Options and stocks with just a few clicks. As in the computer version, you get all the real-time data sent to your mobile device. The prerequisite for this is a stable internet connection. Another advantage is that you can set price alerts, trading signals and push signals in the app. So it is possible to react to the markets at any time.

    IG’s mobile app offers a full range of trading features. The user interface is particularly easy to use and suitable for beginners as well as experienced traders—it has already won several awards:



    IG Markets Markets-mobilapp

    IG Markets Awards


    Advantages and features of the IG mobile app:

    The IG mobile app is one of the most advanced trading platforms in the world, offering a wide range of features that allow you to stay connected to your account at all times. You can access it from anywhere you have an internet connection and it works on any device—even those old smartphones in your junk drawer!


    The app offers several unique features, including:

    – Live market data for all major assets

    – Real-time streaming quotes for every instrument available on IG

    – The ability to place trades from within the app

    – A wide range of charting tools that allow you to view historical data for any asset or instrument, as well as make use of technical indicators like moving averages and Bollinger bands.

    ➔ Open your free trading account with IG now

    (Risk warning: 75.59% of retail CFD accounts lose)

    Professional analysis and charting

    IG is your perfect trading partner, providing you with live information about the market. You can read tweets from important news portals for traders, or get notifications about webinars or expert analysis from IG.

    With this information, you have the right tools to make your own decisions about your investments. You can also use our free market data in the app and on your smartphone or tablet to access up-to-date quotes on all your favorite exchanges and markets.



    IG Broker trading strategies


    IG is a popular broker that offers traders professional trading platforms to trade with. The platforms come with different indicators and customizable charts, so you can use free indicators or different chart types for trading. All tools for a professional Technical Analysis are available. If you want to trade with the order book, you can use the L2 Dealer platform.

    All in all, IG offers popular and professional trading platforms to trade with. The additional service and news section shows us that the broker will help you to trade successfully.

    Trading tutorial: How to trade with IG

    When trading, it’s important to have a good overview of the market. With IG, you can see your contract value and how much loss is your stop loss and how much profit is your take profit. One-click trading is possible with IG but you have to activate it manually. You can set up market or limit orders. Moreover, alerts for your assets are possible. In the next points, we will give you a short instructions on how to trade with IG.

    How to trade:

    1. Search for an asset and do an analysis. You should make a forecast of the market or know why you want to invest in this market.
    2. Choose your investment amount. The leverage amount will allow you to use more money.
    3. Limit your risk with a stop loss and set up a profit for your trade
    4. Sell or buy any market you want with CFDs or other financial products
    5. Place your deal and watch the market moving

    ➔ Open your free trading account with IG now

    (Risk warning: 75.59% of retail CFD accounts lose)

    Conclusion and overview of the trading platforms

    As mentioned previously, there are more than four trading platforms available. The dashboard can be used to set up different accounts for each platform and then transfer funds among them as necessary.


    IG Markets trading platforms

    IG Markets trading platforms


    Online trading platform: 
    • Available for your browser
    • News and special analysis
    • Full customizable and multi-charting is possible
    • Trade CFDs, Options, Stocks, and any other financial instrument


    Trading Apps:
    • Mobile Trading for any device
    • Check your portfolio any time
    • Fast order execution like the other platforms
    • Analysis tools and news

    MetaTrader 4:

    • Worlds most popular platform
    • Indicators
    • Automated trading
    • Customizable tools
    • Professional Trading
    • Available for any device


    L2 Dealer:
    • Professional Trading and order control
    • Order book
    • Direct market access for Stocks, CFDs, and more
    • Liquidity pools

    ➔ Open your free trading account with IG now

    (Risk warning: 75.59% of retail CFD accounts lose)

    How to open your account?

    You can open your account in a few easy steps.

    First, you need to register on the website of the broker. When you register on their website, you will be asked to enter your personal information and select a password for your account. After that, you need to provide a copy of your ID card or passport and fill out the form with personal data.

    Then, you need to make sure that your payment system is working properly by transferring funds from your bank account. This can be done by filling out the required forms online or directly with the bank representative.

    Free and unlimited IG demo account

    Our free, unlimited IG demo account will make you feel like a pro.

    You can practice with our platform without needing to make an investment in real money until you’re ready to.

    Our team of experienced brokers is here to help you every step of the way as you learn how to use our platform and navigate the world of trading.

    ➔ Open your free trading account with IG now

    (Risk warning: 75.59% of retail CFD accounts lose)

    Additional fees and costs in the test

    Additional fees and costs in the test

    The following are the additional fees and costs that you may incur during the test:

    – $200,000 for data breach insurance.

    – $50,000 for a new phone number if your phone is compromised during the test.

    – $100,000 for any physical damage to property and/or equipment caused by you or your agents.


    ➔ Open your free trading account with IG now

    (Risk warning: 75.59% of retail CFD accounts lose)

    Review of the deposit and withdrawal methods of IG

    IG is one of the most popular online brokers in the UK, so it’s no surprise that they have a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods. Here’s a look at what you can expect from IG:

    -Deposits: It’s easy to make deposits on IG, as you can use cash or credit/debit cards to fund your account. You can also fund your account via bank transfer or using PayPal.

    -Withdrawals: Withdrawing funds from your account is just as easy as depositing them. You can withdraw your money via cash, bank transfer, PayPal and other methods that are available on the platform.

    IG minimum deposit – how to deposit money:

    The minimum deposit required by IG is £20. The minimum deposit can be made via debit card or credit card. Withdrawals are also accepted with a maximum of £4,000 per month, and the maximum amount that can be withdrawn at one time is £500. A withdrawal fee of 5% applies if you withdraw more than £10,000 in one month.

    ➔ Open your free trading account with IG now

    (Risk warning: 75.59% of retail CFD accounts lose)

    Is there negative balance protection with IG?

    Yes, there is negative balance protection with IG.

    IG will provide you with a margin call if your account goes into a negative balance, which means that the value of your positions drops below the amount of cash in your account. You can avoid this by keeping enough money in your account to cover any potential losses.

    Good education: Support and service for traders

    We know that education is a big part of trading success. We want to make sure that you have the tools and strategies to succeed—and we’re always here to help!

    We offer free webinars, ebooks, and other resources on trading strategies, new products, and more. We also offer access to our experts who can answer questions about your investment goals, current portfolio, or anything else you need help with.



    IG CFD Broker education and webinars


    What you can expect from IG:
    • Interactive education

    • Webinars and coachings

    • News and analysis

    • Trading strategies

    • Financial events preparing

    • Professional risk management

    • Glossary

    • Different language support

    • Chat, email, and phone support

    From our experience the education center is huge. For any market and asset, you will find a detailed description and a tutorial on how to trade. Compared to other brokers IG clearly gives the user the best education because on this broker successful traders are welcome.

    ➔ Open your free trading account with IG now

    (Risk warning: 75.59% of retail CFD accounts lose)

    What customers say about IG:

    Customers love IG because they provide a great deal of flexibility in their trading platform. The fact that IG offers several different types of accounts, including both standard and managed accounts, means you can trade with as little or as much money as you want. They also offer a wide variety of assets for trading, which means there’s something for everyone.

    Additionally, the good execution of the trades should also be highlighted. Customers report that the execution takes place very quickly at fair prices and low spread. In summary, the experiences of other customers also reflect my own experiences with IG.

    ➔ Open your free trading account with IG now

    (Risk warning: 75.59% of retail CFD accounts lose)

    Conclusion of the IG online broker review: It is one of the best companies

    After reviewing the entire IG online broker platform, we believe that it is one of the best companies in the industry. The company offers a wide range of products and services, including CFDs and derivatives, as well as other financial instruments.

    IG offers very low fees for all its products and services, which makes it a great choice for traders who want to keep their expenses low while trading on the market.

    The customer service is also excellent at IG, as they offer round-the-clock support via phone or email 24 hours a day.

    In conclusion, IG is one of the best online trading companies. It’s not like many other brokers that scam their customers—IG delivers the highest security and best conditions for any financial product. If you are not convinced yet, then you should create an account by yourself and test the broker.

    The advantages of IG:
    • Broker since 1974 and listed on the London Stock Exchange
    • More than 16,000 markets
    • Different financial products (stocks, options, CFDs, crypto, and more)
    • Free demo account
    • No hidden fees
    • Professional trading platforms
    • Very good support and education for traders



    IC Markets & Tickmill

    1. IC Markets
    (5 / 5)
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    # No commissions
    # Best platform for beginners
    # No hidden fees
    # More than 6,000 markets
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    Top FX & HFM

    1. TOP FX
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    AMarkets & FXTM

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    # Spreads from 0.0 pips
    # No commissions
    # Best platform for beginners
    # No hidden fees
    # More than 6,000 markets
    wdt_ID # Broker Website Forex Broker Year Regulation
    1 1 Open an Account FBS 2.009 IFSC, CySEC, ASIC, FSCA
    2 2 Open an Account EXNESS 2.008 CySEC, FCA
    3 3 Open an Account OCTA FX 2.008 SVG
    4 4 Open an Account INSTA FOREX 2.007 VI FSC, CySec
    5 5 Open an Account FX OPEN 2.008 CySEC, FCA
    6 6 Open an Account AXI 2.008 CySEC, FCA
    7 7 Open an Account FX PRIMUS 2.008 CySEC, FCA
    8 8 Open an Account HFM 2.010 CySEC, FSC, FSB, FCA, BaFin, DFSA
    9 9 Open an Account FXTM 2.011 CySEC, FCA, IFSC
    10 10 Open an Account JUST FOREX 2.012 IFSC
    11 11 Open an Account CAPITAL.COM 2.016 FCA, FSA, ASIC, and CySec
    12 12 Open an Account TASTY WORKS 2.017 CySEC, FCA
    13 13 Open an Account MOOMOO 2.018 FINRA & SEC, SFC, MAS, ASIC
    14 14 Open an Account AVATRADE 2.006 MiFiD, CBI, FSA, ASIC, SFB, BVI, ADGM, FSRA, CySEC
    15 15 Open an Account EASY MARKETS 2.001 CySEC, MiFID, ASIC
    16 16 Open an Account EIGHT CAP 2.009 ASIC, VFSC
    17 17 Open an Account FP MARKETS 2.007 CySEC, ASIC, FSA
    18 18 Open an Account HYCM 1.977 CySEC, FCA, MiFID, DFSA, SFC
    19 19 Open an Account ICMARKETS 2.007 CySEC, ASIC, FSA
    20 20 Open an Account IRON FX 2.010 FCA, ASIC, FSCA, CySEC
    21 21 Open an Account LITE FINANCE 2.007 CySEC
    22 22 Open an Account REVOLUT 2.015 CySEC
    23 23 Open an Account IG 1.974 ASIC, JFSA, MAS, FINMA, FCA, FMA, CFTC
    24 24 Open an Account MONETA MARKETS 2.009 ASIC, FCA
    25 25 Open an Account AMARKETS 2.007 The Financial Commission
    26 26 Open an Account PEPPERSTONE 2.010 CYSEC, BAFIN, CMA, SCB, DFSA, ASIC, FCA
    27 27 Open an Account PLUS 500 2.008 CySEC, ASIC, FMA, FSCA
    28 28 Open an Account TICKMILL 2.014 FCA UK, CySEC, FSA Seychelles
    29 29 Open an Account TMGM 2.013 ASIC, FMA
    30 30 Open an Account TOP FX 2.010 FCA
    31 31 Open an Account TRADE NATION 2.014 FCA
    32 32 Open an Account TRADE 360 2.013 CySEC
    33 33 Open an Account VANTAGE 2.009 CIMA, SIBL
    34 34 Open an Account VT MARKETS 2.015 ASIC, CIMA
    35 35 Open an Account XM 2.009 ASIC, CySEC, IFSC
    # Broker Website Forex Broker Year Regulation